We have collaborated with interior designers, landscape architects and property stylists, all specialists in their fields to provide advice and expertise we can fully endorse as part of our platform of additional services.

Let us know the area you need assistance with and we will aim to provide an expert in their field to assist you.


‘Of every option available – exceptional photography is singularly the most important when preparing any property to take to market’

A few words from our specialist photographer to explain just how much difference having a professional who not only understands but has passion for their work …

‘To make a property stand out in today’s market place, it takes more than a good camera, it takes patience and dedication. Patience to wait for the perfect light and understanding the perfect angle – Dedication to research each property, its history and location in preparation …’

Evocative photography that captures the essence of your property is the singularly best investment that can be made in making that all important very first impression of your home to potential purchasers –all within the first 5 seconds of viewing your property online.

Our specialist photographer will spend as much time as necessary with your property to be sure we capture the very best of images to show off your home to the market at its most impressive.


Gardens, grounds and their immediate surrounds give an important impression of each and every property.  Not everyone loves or understands gardens – therefore garden presentation is crucial to giving the sense of a relaxing private space with ease of maintenance to the exterior of your home.

Property Styling

The goal of property styling is to give the feeling of overall coherence of colour and continuity in keeping with each property, its location, its heritage and its current usage, be that as a family home or a working property.  It should always evoke the substance of its owner, as well as enhance all of its own individuality as a building and its’ surrounds.

A few words from our specialist property stylist …

Property styling can transform individual rooms and/or complete homes into inspirational spaces, providing the perception of space and flow. Small changes can enhance and highlight the features and assets of a home.