Our Story Begins With Your Story

Circa – ‘Heritage and Lifestyle Property Specialists’ – is a direct response to an unmet demand for professional, knowledgeable advice within a unique section of the real estate landscape.

We are passionate about heritage and lifestyle property, from grand estates to diamonds in the rough. We have experts in their fields to assist you at every stage of the sale or purchase process. We join you in the mutual admiration of our architectural history and unique Australian lifestyle.

Our Specialists

Sue Gratton
Sue Gratton

With a natural commitment to service, honesty and integrity throughout all facets of not only the real estate process but life in general, Sue has earned a strong reputation for being the consummate professional – someone who listens, empathises, communicates effectively and is always ready, willing and able to go the extra mile with everyone she meets. Her engaging personality and warm nature are infectious and refreshing. An experienced agent within the metropolitan, as well as Lifestyle property markets, Sue has a passion for all real estate no matter how large or small. Having been a city as well as country dweller, she has a personal understanding of the uniqueness of these markets, including the intricacies that make all the difference in the sale, as well as purchase of both.

Living and breathing a diverse range of cultures whilst living overseas as an expatriate for many years, Sue has developed the maturity and lived experiences necessary to understand the wide ranging phases of life, applying this knowledge strategically to the areas of client need and expectation, taking into account both vendor and purchaser to ensure a smooth and successful result for all.

A strong desire to provide a true client centric, service orientated real estate space is what drove the genesis of Circa Heritage and Lifestyle Property Specialists and Sue works daily to make sure all her own as well as her consultants clients feel heard and that the process of selling or buying is one that everyone involved feels has been a positive one.

Dominic Romeo
Dominic Romeo

Dominic is a heritage expert with over 30 years of experience in sales, tourism and heritage property. A highly motivated team member, Dominic’s enthusiasm with all aspects of property is infectious. He is a very good listener, highly knowledgeable in all areas of the property market and a skilled negotiator.

Dominic’s life skills are extraordinary and have shaped him into the professional he is today. He believes it is important to be knowledgeable on a wide range of topics and this is invaluable in relating to all sections of the real estate landscape.

Dominic grew up in Melbourne and after achieving a BA in Business Management and Photography, his appetite for life and achievement is extensive and includes; Director of the National Trust of Australia (Vic), National Trust Committees in Finance, Conservation and the Mooramong Farm Committee, 30 years in the tourism industry and multiple tourism award winner and importantly 30 years as a restorer of significant historic country houses. Other personal achievements include member of the Australian acrobatic ski team, “Outback to IceCap” mentor – the World’s first Indigenous mentoring program in Antarctica, member of the Yalari Committee for Indigenous education and Author of “The Constant Renovators”. He has a profound knowledge in art, antiques, regional history and significant heritage property throughout Australia and in particular Victoria and Tasmania.

Dominic has been a vendor and purchaser of property – in particular heritage property and understands what is involved in presenting your unique property to market. He understands what purchasers are looking for when contemplating buying unique property, and works diligently and with passion to ensure the best result for all his clients.