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Heritage and Lifestyle Property Specialists

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Our story begins with your story.
Circa – ‘Heritage and Lifestyle Property Specialists’ - is a direct response to an unmet demand for professional, knowledgeable advice within a unique section of the real estate landscape.

We are passionate about heritage and lifestyle property, from grand estates to diamonds in the rough. We have experts in their fields to assist you at every stage of the sale or purchase process. We join you in the mutual admiration of our architectural history and unique Australian lifestyle.


Your story is important to us. It is the reason we are here, to understand your story and to help you realise your goals, no matter what they may be.
We love what we do and are inspired and energised by every new story we hear.


We have collaborated with interior designers, landscape architects and property stylists, all specialists in their fields to provide advice and expertise we can fully endorse as part of our platform of additional services.

Let us know the area you need assistance with and we will aim to provide an expert in their field to assist you.


Tell us your story.
Send us an email or ask for one of our specialists to contact you. We are ready to assist you in any way we can.